It’s time to vote for your Paleo favourites!

Welcome to the voting page for the UK Paleo Awards 2017. With nearly 100 top paleo businesses and bloggers (of which 76 were shortlisted), we’ve been overwhelmed by entries in our first year.

And now, we need YOU. Your vote could make all the difference between winning and losing so please select your winner for each or any category below.

We will collect your name and email address below – it’s one vote entry per email address, to make sure we keep the voting as fair as possible.

For most categories, your collective votes will be added to the judges score and from that, our winners will be crowned in October 2017!

Tick the boxes below for each business/blogger you wish to vote for. You can vote for ONE business or blogger in each category. You do not have to vote in all categories. Please be careful when clicking to ensure you vote for the right business.

Where over 7 entries were received for any one category, the judges have made their decision based on which businesses/products/bloggers they thought best fit within a traditional paleo lifestyle. Their decision on the shortlisted entries is final.

  • Paleo Meat Supplier of the Year

  • Paleo-Friendly Restaurant, Café or Delivery Service of the Year

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  • Paleo-Friendly Drink of the Year

  • Paleo Snack of the Year

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  • Paleo Blogger of the Year

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  • International Paleo Blogger of the Year

  • Sponsored by: Primal Play
  • Innovative Paleo Product of the Year

  • Paleo Breakfast Product of the Year

  • Paleo Book or eBook of the Year

  • Paleo Food Business of the Year

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  • Paleo-Friendly Chocolate of the Year

  • Paleo Recipe of the Year

  • Sponsored by: Fordhall Organic Farm
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