UK Paleo Awards Shortlist 2017

Welcome to the 2017 UK Paleo Awards Shortlist. Below are the lucky 76 who made it through to the main judging and public vote phase. Congratulations to all!

There are stringent terms and conditions for entry into the UK Paleo Awards and not everyone made the cut for the shortlist 2017 sadly.


Our 2017 winners and runners-up have been announced! Check them out here.

Paleo Meat Supplier of the Year

Paleo-Friendly Restaurant, Café or Food-Delivery Service

Paleo-Friendly Drink of the Year

International Paleo Blogger of the Year

Innovative Paleo Product of the Year

Paleo Breakfast Product of the Year

Paleo Book or eBook of the Year

Paleo Food Business of the Year

Paleo-Friendly Chocolate of the Year