enter, uk paleo awards, 2017, enter here, enter now, reasons to enterWe’ve had a few very interesting conversations with businesses and bloggers this month, who’ve thanked us for the invite to enter the 2017 UK Paleo Awards but have said they couldn’t possibly enter … because they are too small, too new or simply not good enough.

WOAH WOAH WOAH, wait a minute there! These Awards are very much for EVERYONE, regardless of size and longevity of the business or blog. If you, or your business, rocks at what you do then you ABSOLUTELY should enter…

Why? Well, let’s have a look:

1.  Benchmark your product, business or blog against your peers and get objective feedback. Whether you win or not, that’s invaluable to help you grow.

2.  You’ll raise your profile – your blog or business will be featured on the UK Paleo Awards website and show that you’re leader in your field. You’ll also get shout outs on social media if you make the shortlist and if you go on to be runner-up or win.

3.  The ‘big hitters’ of the blogging and business world might not enter, then you’ll be kicking yourself!

4.  The majority of categories are based on an equal mix of judging and public votes to ensure as much fairness as possible for all entrants, regardless of your online reach. We don’t believe biggest is always best (some are just better at marketing themselves!) and want a level playing field for all entrants.

5.  You can get your target audience excited about your product, business or blog. They can vote for you and share online. That’s increased brand loyalty, right there!

6.  It’s cost-effective with entries fees from as little as £15. You won’t get such good brand exposure for such little £££ outlay anywhere else. We’re about supporting and helping you grow your business. If you get bigger, your message about eating healthy gets to a wider audience and we might, between all of us, help the UK to lead a healthier life. WIN.

7.  Your peers in the Paleo community can help you build your brand. Entering the Awards is a great way to raise your name and brand with them. Collaboration possibilities may well follow, it’s a brilliant opportunity!

So, there you go. Still not feeling confident? Not sure it’s the right fit? Drop Jan a line at jan@ukpaleoawards.co.uk and we’ll be in touch. If we’ve motivated you, then head over to the entry page and let’s get cracking!

We want to help your business shine, simples.

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