The Ultimate UK Paleo Guide 

What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’?

This UK Paleo Guide has been produced by Healthy Perspective to help you understand which food and drink items are Paleo, which aren’t and which are unclear for the purposes of the UK Paleo Awards.

The list is not exhaustive (that is near impossible) but the main food and drink categories are covered.

The guide below is split into 3 easy-to-use tabbed sections:

  1. What is not Paleo
  2. What is Paleo
  3. The Grey Area

This list has been compiled to help entrants to the UK Paleo Awards decide whether their product will qualify as Paleo or not, for the purposes of the Awards.

If any of your ingredients fall within the ‘What is not Paleo’ list, you can contact us if you feel your product should be considered (please provide justifications).

If any of your ingredients fall within the ‘Grey Area’ list, your product will still qualify for the UK Paleo Awards. However, please note that it may fair less favourably than with similar products that do not have ingredients in the Grey list.

If you have an ingredient not included anywhere on this list, please contact us before submitting your product to receive advice as to whether it is considered Paleo or not for the purposes of the Awards.

The decision of the UK Paleo Awards team is final and binding.

What is Not Paleo?

1. Ultimate Paleo Guide: What is Not Paleo?


Barley Rye
Corn Sorghum
Millet Sweetcorn
Oat Wheat


Alfafa Sprouts Kidney Beans
Azuki Beans Lentils
Beansprouts Butter Beans
Black Beans Mung Beans
Black-Eyed Peas Pinto Beans
Berlotti Beans Peanuts (And Peanut Butter)
Broad Beans Peas
Chickpeas Miso
Green Beans Soy Beans & all soy-derived products (e.g. tofu)


Butter Milk
Cheese Yoghurt
Cream Milk Dairy Chocolate
Ice-Cream White Dairy Chocolate

SUGAR (and all refined sugar alternatives)

Acesulfame Potassium Lactitol
Aspartame Maltitol
Cyclamate Mannitol
Glycerol Neotame
Glycerine Polydextrose
Glycerin Saccharin
Isomalt Sorbitol
 Sugar Sucralose

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Energy Drinks

Fruit Juices


Canola Oil Soybean Oil
Corn Oil Spreads
Margarine Sunflower Oil
Rapeseed Oil Vegetable Oil
Safflower Oil


Most forms of Alcohol, including Beer, White Wine, Sparkling Wine and most Spirits.

What is Paleo?
The Grey Area