The UK Awards Process

Entrants, where their product(s), business, website or blog meets the eligibility criteria, are permitted to enter as many products, blogs, recipes and categories as they wish. They can enter more than once in the same category (e.g. for multiple products) and/or across multiple categories.

Entry to the Awards is between the advertised dates only.

***COME BACK in 2019 TO ENTER!***

After the closing date for entries,  each category will be shortlisted down to 7 finalists (where over 7 entries are received in any category).

The Shortlist

Those on the shortlist will be informed via email. Those who make food or drink products or publish books will be asked to supply their products for judging.

A shortlist for each category will be published on the website, from where the public can then vote for their shortlisted favourites in most* categories. Finalists will be provided with a badge for online and packaging use.

Voting and Judging

The next part of the Awards process becomes a bit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – an equal combination of public votes and judges scores will determine the winner and runner-up in most* categories. This is to protect the smaller producers who may not have the largest audiences but may have the best quality product.

The public vote will be open for one calendar month and anyone can vote on any, or all categories on this website. One vote per category, for any or all categories, is allowed per registered email address.

During the voting window, our team of judges will be reviewing, testing, sampling and scoring the shortlisted entrants.

For Food and Drink Product Entries:

Each product will be tested, nutritional information analysed and marketing collateral analysed. Scores will be awarded for many elements, including  taste, texture, how ‘paleo’ it is, originality, quality of packaging, clarity of marketing and nutritional profile.

It is the responsibility of shortlisted nominees to ensure enough of their product is supplied for tasting to be carried out effectively with a judging panel of 10 people.

For Non-Product Categories:

Entrants will be judged on set criteria. Those criteria will vary per category. For example, blogger categories will be judged on a number of criteria, including: how ‘paleo’ the blog is, uniqueness, overall appeal.

A selection of comments gleaned from Judges on the products awarded runner-up and winner will be shared online. Comments for entrants that do not win are available upon request.

And the Winners are …

Once voting and judging closes, the number of votes (turned into a percentage of total votes per category) and judges score will be added together with equal weighting. This final score will determine our winner and runner-up product, business or blogger for each category.

In the event of a tie, both will be declared joint winners or joint runner-up.

The winners and runners-up will be announced online and they will receive email confirmation also. They will be provided with creatives for use on their website, packaging and other marketing collateral.

The winner will also receive a certificate and trophy/award through the post.

Judging and Objectivity

Every effort will be taken to ensure objectivity with the UK Paleo Awards process. Wherever feasible, judges will only judge categories where they have no, or only limited, connection with any of the entrants and different judges will be used for different categories accordingly.

If a judge has entered a category or categories within the Awards, they will not be allowed to be a judge for that category.

These awards will be transparent and carried out as objectively as possible (otherwise, frankly, what is the point!).

The UK Paleo Awards are about celebrating the best there is in the Paleo world, not back-slapping friends and acquaintances.


*No Public Vote will be available for the following categories:

Award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Paleo Community
A  judging panel will decide on the shortlist and a winner chosen from that shortlist: their decision is final.

Paleo Business of the Year
Winners of each category will be collated together and the judging panel will declare an overall winner of the award.