You’ll find lots of useful information here on how to enter the UK Paleo Awards.

They will help you decide if you’re eligible, more about the Awards process itself, the fees involved and the essential bit, our terms & conditions.

Please read them all: if you have any remaining questions, please get in touch.

The Awards Process

The UK Paleo Awards team are dedicated to making the Awards entry and Awards process as fair as possible to all entrants, irrespective of size, brand awareness and age of business or product. It is all about you, your products, your business.

15 categories will be awarded based equally on public votes AND judging. This is to ensure the fairest result for all businesses and bloggers, irrespective of size or online reach.

Two categories are Special Awards which will be decided by the Judges only. You can find out much more about the process below and here.

Are you eligible?

There are detailed eligibility criteria for each category, to ensure entrants fall within accepted parameters of ‘Paleo’.

Ultimate Paleo Guide

Access a comprehensive list of food, drink and ingredients that are Paleo, aren’t Paleo and the grey area of Paleo.

Enter Here

Entry for the 2018 UK Paleo Awards is between 23rd April and 25th May 2018. Follow the simple instructions.

Key Dates

The 2018 UK Paleo Awards season runs from April 2018 until September 2018. Find all the key dates here.

Entry Fees

There are two levels of costs depending on business size. Entry fees cover our administration and promotion costs.

Terms and Conditions

Surely you love nothing more than having a good read of Terms & Conditions. Ours are blinding (and binding).