Do you have the best Paleo meat products in the UK? We’re looking to crown the online meat supplier that’s leading the way with highest quality, grass-fed meat, which is very much a part of a Paleo diet.

Come back in 2019 to enter!

Please check the Entry Fees page for details of cost of entry.

Who Should Apply?

You run an online shop selling meat, with delivery available across the UK.

The meat can range from the traditional beef, lamb, pork (all cuts and including organ meat) to goat, wild boar, bison, ostrich, kangaroo, game and other wild meat.

You can sell other products too, it doesn’t have to be a wholly meat-based business.

Eligibility Criteria

The meat should be from grass-fed cattle, raised with high welfare, where the cattle are allowed maximum amount of roaming time.

Sheep and Pigs should be fed their natural diet and be outdoor-reared.

Poultry should be from free-range birds that are not fed grain.

Please refer to the Ultimate UK Paleo Guide for what meat is deemed to be ‘Paleo’ for the purposes of these UK Paleo Awards.

How it Will be Decided

This category will be decided on a mix of public votes and judging panel.

You don’t have to state on your website that your meat is ‘Paleo’ but the meat must be from pasture-raised animals.

The more ‘non-standard’ cuts of meat and meat options you offer, the better. We’re looking for meat suppliers who really embrace the ‘nose to tail’ approach to meat.

The meat should be free of chemicals, antibiotics, artificial hormones etc.

We strongly recommend that you read more about The Awards Process and our Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

If you have any other questions in respect of the eligibility of your products, please email us at

Entrants will be expected to provide samples of their meat for judging. They will also need to complete a questionnaire on the rearing and welfare standards of their animals.

How is the Award Decided?

Once entries close, a high-level check will be carried out by the judging panel to ensure all entries are valid. The judges’ decision is final and they will be unable to enter into correspondence on the matter.

Where over 7 entrants are received in a category, they will be reduced down to 7 finalists. The judges’ decision is final and they will be unable to enter into correspondence on the matter. No refund is possible if your product or business does not make the final 7.

This category, Paleo Meat Supplier of the year, is based on a combination of public votes (collated on this website) and the judging panel. Please read The Awards Process page for details of the judging and voting process.

A winner and runner-up will be announced for this category.

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