Do you have the best Paleo-friendly food delivery service in the UK?

We’re looking to find a food delivery service that really understands the needs of the Paleo lifestyle sector and delivers dishes or products which are naturally Paleo-friendly, or can be easily and willingly modified to suit a Paleo consumer.

So whether you make pre-prepared meals, meal kits, fish, vegetables, fruit or meat etc ... you may well be eligible for this category.

Come back in 2019 to enter.

You can view the entry fees here.

Who Should Apply?

You are the owner of an online food delivery business.

Your business does not have to only cater to the Paleo diet, other diets are acceptable. There has to be a strong emphasis towards providing grain-free, refined sugar-free, legume-free and dairy-free menus or subscription boxes (or with suggested alternatives).

Eligibility Criteria

For prepared meal businesses - Ideally, you have a comprehensive allergen menu which enables customers to see which dishes are Paleo-friendly (or easily modifiable to Paleo).

Otherwise, your menu options and/or website must clearly show that you are willing to cater for special diets.

For fish, vegetable and fruit delivery businesses - your products must align to Paleo principles (e.g. wild/sustainable fish, organic fruit and vegetables).

We strongly recommend that you read more about The Awards Process and our Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

If you have any other questions in respect of the eligibility of your business, please email us at

Please refer to the Ultimate UK Paleo Guide for what food and drink is deemed to be ‘Paleo’ for the purposes of these UK Paleo Awards. If your menus or subscription boxes has many items listed in the ‘What is not Paleo’ section, please reconsider your entry or contact us to discuss further.

How is the Award Decided?

An initial check will be carried out by the judging panel that the entrants are Paleo-friendly. The judges’ decision is final will be unable to enter into correspondence on the matter.

All entrants will be put on the shortlist if they are deemed sufficiently ‘paleo-friendly’ by the judging panel.

This category is decided by a combination of public votes (collated on this website) and public votes. 

A winner and runner-up will be announced for this category.

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