Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the year

Best Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the Year

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Do you make and sell the most dreamy Paleo-friendly chocolate?

Yes, we know our ancestors may not have had chocolate bars at their disposal, but we’re all for celebrating the best, cleanest, most ‘Paleo’ chocolate available (because we can and because life is short).

The closing date for entries is 31st May 2017 at midnight.

Please check the Entry Fees page for details of cost of entry.

Who should apply – Best Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the year

You make and sell (direct to the public or via retailers) chocolate that is free from sugar, additives, preservatives and other non-Paleo nasties.

The chocolate should be made to the specification of the Paleo diet.

The chocolate is derived from cacao beans that can be roasted or unroasted (raw).

Eligibility Criteria – Best Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the year

Your product must not contain any ingredients in the ‘What is not Paleo’ section of our Ultimate UK Paleo Guide.

Please refer to the Ultimate UK Paleo Guide for a full list of what ingredients are, and are not, Paleo for the purposes of the UK Paleo Awards.

We strongly recommend that you read more about The Awards Process and our Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry. If you have any other questions in respect of the eligibility of your product, please email us at

If you have multiple chocolate products, you may submit more than one in this category (up to a maximum of 5 products, across all categories).

Entrants will be expected to provide sufficient full-sized samples (in normal retail packaging) of their product for judging. They may also need to complete further questions as to how ‘Paleo’ their product is.

Details will be provided at the end of June and you will have 1 month to get the samples and any other information to us.

How is the award decided? – Best Paleo-friendly Chocolate of the year

Once entries close on 31st May, a high-level check will be carried out by the judging panel to ensure all entries are valid. The judges’ decision is final and they will be unable to enter into correspondence on the matter.

Where over 7 entrants are received in a category, they will be reduced down to 7 finalists. The judges’ decision is final and they will be unable to enter into correspondence on the matter. No refund is possible if your product or business does not make the final 7.

This category is based on a combination of public votes (collated on this website) and the judging panel. Please read The Awards Process page for details of the judging and voting process.

A winner and runner-up will be announced for this category.

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